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Patrick Moore on Mars
Moore, Patrick
ISBN: 1841880043
Sterling Publishing April 2000  2000 
  8vo softcover 224pp very good. Illustrated with colour photos. Night falls over the equator and Phoebus rises from the west. It takes only 4 1/4 hours for this nearest moon to cross the sky--more than enough time for it to wax from new to full. This is the enduring charm of Mars: the more you learn about it, the stranger it seems. Moore's sober, commonsense tale of discovery cannot help but be as much about the garish Mars of the imagination as it is about the physical planet--and the changes wrought upon that imaginary twin have been truly cataclysmic. 
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 48909  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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An Australian Geographic Guide to Space Watching
Burnham, Robert; Alan Dyer; Robert Garfinkle; Martin George; Jeff Kanipe; David Levy; . Consultant editor: Dr John O’Byrne
Australian Geographic 2001  2001 
  Tall 8vo. hardcover. 288pp. colour illus. Near Fine. / Very good+ d/w. 
Price: 25.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 48004  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Supernova! the Exploding Star of 1987
Goldsmith, Donald
ISBN: 0312026471
St Martins Press 1989  1989 
  8vo hardcover 221pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. 
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 41403  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Cosmic Horizons: Astronomy at the Cutting Edge
Tyson, Neil De Grasse (Editor)
ISBN: 1565846028
New Press 2001  2001 
  Large 8vo softcover 256pp colour illus. very good. Leading experts explain the discoveries of modern astrophysics in an illustrated companion to the American Museum of Natural History's newly renovated Rose Center for Earth and Space. Cosmic Horizons illuminates the most recent discoveries of modern astrophysics with essays by leading astronomers, including NASA scientists. 
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 41737  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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The Heavens on Fire: The Great Leonid Meteor Storms
Littmann, Mark
ISBN: 0521624053
Cambridge University Press 1998  1998 
  Large 8vo hardcover 349pp index, b/w illus. very good, missing title page. / very good d/w. Meteor succeeded meteor in such rapid succession that it was impossible to count them; at times the sky seemed full of them, and the earth was illuminated as with a morning light. Eye-witness accounts such as this, and every spectacular detail of the Leonids, the greatest meteor showers of all, can be found in the acclaimed The Heavens on Fire. In this volume, author Mark Littmann vividly tells the history of meteors, and especially the Leonids, whose terrifying beauty established meteor science. He traces the history and mythology of meteors, profiles the fascinating figures whose discoveries advanced the field, and explores how meteors have changed the course of life on Earth. Crisp illustrations capture the excitement of past meteor showers and help elucidate important concepts. 
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 40591  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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A Guide to the Night Sky
Burnham, Robert.
ISBN: 9781742117188
The Five Mile Press, Australia, 2007. Revised & updated edition  0 
  Tall 8vo. laminated boards, hardcover. 288pp. index, colour illus. Star maps. Fine. 
Price: 25.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 59826  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Beyond Earth: Mapping the Universe
Devorkin, David
ISBN: 0792264673
National Geographic. 2002  2002 
  4to. hardcover. 256pp. colour & b/w illus. Near Fine. / Near Fine d/w. 
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 59424  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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The Night Sky: A Guide to Observing the Sun, Moon and Planets
Massey, Steve
ISBN: 1741100836
New Holland Publishers, Australia, 2003.  2003 
  8vo. softcover. 224pp. index, colour illus. Very good. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 58984  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Burnham, Robert (editor)
ISBN: 1876778814
Fog City Press 2002  2002 
  Small 8vo laminated boards, hardcover 320pp index, colour illus. Very good. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 58982  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Astronomy through the Ages: The Story of the Human Attempt to Understand the Universe
Wilson, Robert
ISBN: 0748407480
Taylor & Francis, 1997.  1997 
  8vo. hardcover. 302pp. index, colour illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 58983  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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The Moon and the Western Imagination
Montgomery, Scott L.
ISBN: 0816519897
Arizona 1999  1999 
  Trade paperback. 265pp. Very Good. The Moon is at once a face with a thousand expressions and the archetypal planet. Throughout history it has been gazed upon by people of every culture in every walk of life. From early perceptions of the Moon as an abode of divine forces, humanity has in turn accepted the mathematized Moon of the Greeks, the naturalistic lunar portrait of Jan van Eyck, and the telescopic view of Galileo. Scott Montgomery has produced a richly detailed analysis of how the Moon has been visualized in Western culture through the ages, revealing the faces it has presented to philosophers, writers, artists, and scientists for nearly three millennia. To do this, he has drawn on a wide array of sources that illustrate mankind's changing concept of the nature and significance of heavenly bodies from classical antiquity to the dawn of modern science. Montgomery especially focuses on the seventeenth century, when the Moon was first mapped and its features named. From literary explorations such as Francis Godwin's Man in the Moone and Cyrano de Bergerac's L'autre monde to Michael Van Langren's textual lunar map and Giambattista Riccioli's Almagestum novum, he shows how Renaissance man was moved by the lunar orb, how he battled to claim its surface, and how he in turn elevated the Moon to a new level in human awareness. The effect on human imagination has been cumulative: our idea of the Moon, and therefore the planets, is multilayered and complex, having been enriched by associations played out in increasingly complicated harmonies over time. We have shifted the way we think about the lunar face from a "perfect" body to an earthlike one, with corresponding changes in verbal and visual expression. Ultimately, Montgomery suggests, our concept of the Moon has never wandered too far from the world we know best-the Earth itself. And when we finally establish lunar bases and take up some form of residence on the Moon's surface, we will not be conquering a New World, fresh and mostly unknown, but a much older one, ripe with history. 
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 58972  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Spirit of the Night Sky
Burra, Laksar - Signed.
ISBN: 1876622326
JB Books 2001  2001 
  8vo. Softcover. 67pp. Illustrated. This book aims to give a basic, easy to follow guide to the stars and constellations of Australia's night skies, looking up from down under, interweaving myth, mystery and science from around the world to convey the sense of awe experienced by stargazers past and present. 
Price: 14.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 58662  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Levy, David H.
RD Press Australia 1998  1998 
  4to hardcover 288pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good+. / very good+ d/w. 
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 57956  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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The Australian Guide to Stargazing
Thompson, Gregg D.
ISBN: 1863023194
Lansdowne 1 Jan 1998  1998 
  8vo softcover 128pp near fine. Illustrated with colour photographs, b&w photographs and some line diagrams. A complete reference manual to observing the southern Milky Way, coloured Stars, Star clusters, Nebulae, Galaxies, the planets, the moon, shooting stars, comets and using telescopes. 
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 55800  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Giotto to the Comets
Calder, Nigel
ISBN: 0952011506
Presswork 1992  1992 
  8vo softcover 223pp very good. 
Price: 8.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 53525  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Atlas of the Solar System
Yenne, Bill
ISBN: 0861243382
Bison Books 1987  1987 
  Oblong 4to. hardcover. 192p. index, colour illus. Very good. / Very good d/w with small tear at top of spine. 
Price: 12.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 55357  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Magnificent Desolation - The Long Journey Home From the Moon
Aldrin, Buzz with Ken Abraham
ISBN: 1408804166
Bloomsbury 2010  2010 
  8vo softcover 352pp very good. The flight of Apollo 11 made Aldrin one of the most famous persons on our planet, yet few people know the rest of this true American hero’s story. In Magnificent Desolation, Aldrin not only gives us a harrowing first-person account of the lunar landing that came within seconds of failure and the ultimate insider’s view of life as one of the superstars of America’s space program, he also opens up with remarkable candor about his more personal trials–and eventual triumphs–back on Earth. From the glory of being part of the mission that fulfilled President Kennedy’s challenge to reach the moon before the decade was out, Aldrin returned home to an Air Force career stripped of purpose or direction, other than as a public relations tool that NASA put to relentless use in a seemingly nonstop world tour. The twin demons of depression and alcoholism emerged–the first of which Aldrin confronted early and publicly, and the second of which he met with denial until it nearly killed him. He burned through two marriages, his Air Force career came to an inglorious end, and he found himself selling cars for a living when he wasn’t drunkenly wrecking them. Redemption came when he finally embraced sobriety, gained the love of a woman, Lois, who would become the great joy of his life, and dedicated himself to being a tireless advocate for the future of space exploration–not only as a scientific endeavor but also as a thriving commercial enterprise. 
Price: 8.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 52770  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Visions of Mars
Goursac, Olivier de
ISBN: 0810992108
Harry N. Abrams, 2005.  2005 
  Square 4to. softcover. 160pp. colour illus. Near Fine. 
Price: 18.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 62128  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Managing Martians
Donna Shirley with Danelle Morton,
ISBN: 9780767902403
Broadway Books, New York, 1998. 
  Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. First. Used hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. No internal inscriptions, torn or missing pages. 276pp. Without packaging this book weighs 570g. The extraordinary story of a woman's lifelong quest to 'get to Mars' - and of the team behind the space robot that has captured the imaginaton of the world. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilo. Category: Space Exploration; ISBN: 0767902408. ISBN/EAN: 9780767902403. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 001448. 
Price: 10.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 001448  Bookseller: Turn the Page Books
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The Sleepwalkers
Arthur Koestler,
Hutchinson, London, 1959. 
  Hard Cover. Very Good/Fair. First. No internal inscriptions. Some age discolouration to closed pages and some minor shelfwear. Dustwrapper is price clipped and is missing a couple of small pieces at extremities - is about 85 - 90% complete. Some rubbing to edges of dustwrapper. 624 pages. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilo. Category: Science & Technology; Astronomy; Religion & Theology. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 000419. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 000419  Bookseller: Turn the Page Books
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Comets, Popular Culture and the Birth of Modern Cosmology
Genuth, Sara S.
ISBN: 0691011508
Princeton University Press, USA 1997  1997 
  8vo. hardcover. 364pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, rear board slightly bent. / Very good+ d/w. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 59142  Bookseller: Dial a Book
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Australian Backyard Astronomy
Bhathal, R. S.,
ISBN: 9780642276322
Antipodes Books and Beyond, Ltd., Canberra, 2007. Reprint
 Softcover Softcover. Fine Condition/. Reprint. numerous illustrations, minimal to none shelf wear, a very nice copy Size: Octavo . 132 pages. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilogram. Category: Astronomy; Science & Math; Astronomy & Space Science; Astronomy; ISBN: 0642276323. ISBN/EAN: 9780642276322. Library of Congress No: 2006445937. Dewey Code: 520.994. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 104096. Fine Condition
Price: 38.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 104096  Bookseller: Booknest
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The Yachtsman’s Navigation Manual
Toghill, Jeff,
ISBN: 0589071653
A. H. & A. W. Reed, Sydney, 1977. 
  Hardcover (Original Cloth). Very Good Condition/the 8. Illustrator: Photographic. Reprint. 256 pp., illustrated title page, 178 photographs and 130+ line drawings and charts; colour illustrated dustwrapper; original bookseller's sticker on front paste down. No other damage to describe. even though we have GPS, and electronic navigation, this book covers every aspect of accurate navigation that might be needed by a yachtsman, when the batteries go flat. The author moves from a consideration of basic equipment, the marine compass and charts, to the details of laying off and plotting a course. There is a full discussion of the use of the sextant and all aspects of celestial navigation. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Please refer to accompanying picture (s). Illustrator: Photographic. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Ships & the Sea; Astronomy; Cosmology; ISBN: 0589071653. ISBN/EAN: 9780589071653. Inventory No: 0249624. 
Price: 22.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 0249624  Bookseller: Syber's Books
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Aviation and Space Museums of America
Allen, Jon L.,
ISBN: 0668034262
Arco Publications, New York, 1975. 
  Hardcover. Very Good Condition/Good. Illustrator: Photographic. First Edition. , with appendix. A survey pictorially of 57 collections of aerospace artefacts -- from Vintage and World War II planes to Apollo moon craft in museums in the North American continent, offering information on the artefacts displayed and each Museum, directions to the museums, and where applicable the hours of opening, and entry fees at the time of writing. The book is illustrated profusely with black-and-white photographs, mainly full-page, and has a colour illustrated dustwrapper. The dustwrapper is badly rubbed on both front and rear panels, with chipping to the bottom left-hand of the rear panel, and short tears at the spine. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 288 pages. Please refer to accompanying picture (s). Illustrator: Photographic. Quantity Available: 1. Category: reference; aviation; America; astronomy. ISBN: 0668034262. ISBN/EAN: 9780668034265. Inventory No: 0237312. 
Price: 18.50 (AUD)
Book Number: 0237312  Bookseller: Syber's Books
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Skywatching [A Nature Company Guide]
David H. Levy,
ISBN: 086438811X
RD Press, Australia, 1995. 
  Hardcover (Printed Boards). Near Fine Condition/Near Fine. Reprint. Authoritative, lavishly photographed and illustrated guides to the wonders of the natural world around us. Clear, accessible format, charts, diagrams, field tips, practical pointers, and historical profiles. Introduction by Robert Burnham. 288 pages. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: 1-2 kilos. Category: Astronomy; Science & Technology; ISBN: 086438811X. ISBN/EAN: 9780864388117. Inventory No: 227873. 
Price: 25.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 227873  Bookseller: Leura Books
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The Promise of Space - Man’s Achievements Over Two Decades are Related to the Enormous Promise of the 1970’s and Beyond
Arthur C. Clarke,
Hodder & Stoughton, Great Britain, 1968. 
  Hardcover. Very Good Condition/Very Good. . Contains many new ideas from the author's inventive mind. He envisages a huge, thin plastic sail fuelled only by sunbeams, capable of travelling around the sun at speeds exceeding 5,000 miles per hour. Divided into five sections, Beginnings, Around The Earth, Around The Moon; Around The Sun; Around The Universe. 325 pages. Dust jacket has rubbing and small tears to edges and corners and associated wear. Black and white illustrations. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: 1-2 kilos. Category: Astronomy; Science & Technology; Inventory No: 225427. 
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 225427  Bookseller: Leura Books
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For All Mankind: America’s Space Programs of the 1970s and Beyond
L B Taylor Jr,
ISBN: 0876901151
E P Dutton, New York, USA, 1974. 
  Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. . B/W photos. America's space programs of the 1970s and beyond. Dust jacket has protective non adhesive covering. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilogram. Category: Space Exploration; Exploration; ISBN: 0876901151. ISBN/EAN: 9780876901151. Inventory No: 127597. 
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 127597  Bookseller: Leura Books
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Samuel Rapport and Helen Wright - Editors,
New York University Press, New York, 1964. First Edition
 Hardcover Hardcover. Good Condition/No Dust Jacket. First Edition. 354 pages. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: 1-2 kilos. Category: Astronomy; Reference; Inventory No: 2199. Good Condition
Price: 15.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 2199  Bookseller: Leura Books
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Impact Earth: Asteroids, Comets and Meteors--The Growing Threat
Atkinson, Austen
ISBN: 1852277890
Virgin Publishing London 1999 First Edition
8vo Hardcover with Dustjacket 266 pp. Browning to page edges.  Very Good
Price: 20.00 (AUD)
Book Number: 41575  Bookseller: Antique & Collector's Books
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Astronomy Simply Explained for Beginners
Murray; Fred W,
ISBN: 0851742793
Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd, Glasglow, 1978. 
  Mass Market Paperback. Good/. . Small tears to back pages and back cover Size: 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilogram. Category: Astronomy; ISBN: 0851742793. ISBN/EAN: 9780851742793. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 010493. 
Price: 10.05 (AUD)
Book Number: 010493  Bookseller: Bong Bong Books
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