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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Tips - Mission: Giant with a Gun

Return to the lamp and go down the bridge this time to the right. Defeat the spiders guarding the item, and in return you will get constable pants. Follow the new path and you will find dogs, hunters and a large number of crows. To the left of the building you will find the Blood of Death of the House.

Use the stairs, and a balanced jump will allow you to land on the wooden beam below and go up to the wall where you will find the constable's cloak. Jump down

The item is on the other side of the aisle, on the bottom wall

Use the stairs again, after you go left, you will see another object. Before jumping off, prepare for an ambush. This hunter uses only melee weapons and dodges quickly, but there should be no problem with the corresponding attacks and bubble handling. After killing the enemy, you can get weapons to improve weapons and Abomination.

Now you can approach the item that you noticed earlier, and this is the scimitar of the Beast Hunter, which is another weapon in your inventory.

The hunter is hiding on the rocks on the right.

Giant with a gun

Use the stairs again, but this time choose the path straight. Ahead of you there is a large open space, but before you go down, get ready for a heavy battle. Below is a giant with a gun, and another giant with an ax is waiting on the left.

Quickly get to the enemy to fight with two enemies at the same time. Keep close to the giant, and you will avoid damage to the cannonball. The adversary also uses the tentacle attack from his head and waves his weapon, so be prepared to dodge quickly. After winning the battle, collect 10 Silver Balls and take care of the enemy with the help of an ax (for it you will receive 6 bottles of blood).

Find the narrow aisle where the giant came out with an ax, and you will find a full set of butcher's clothes and a place to call the younger Madaras. To do this, you must have an sewage rune active and have in your inventory the bell of the old tracker - the item can be found in front of the workshop in the dream of a ranger.

Here you can call the first assistant to fight the boss

New lamp

Walk along the river of blood until you reach the abandoned gate and hear a strange knock. Destroy this enemy, when you are in this area, you will receive 5 bottles of blood each time. Use the passage to the right of the gate to open another lamp - The Nightmare Church.

The left path leads to the boss, and the building with the new lamp on the right.

Go down the stairs next to the lamp and destroy the escaping creature - as a reward you will receive 2 fragments of the Bloodstone. Before you get to the bridge, pay attention to the hunter standing on the upper beam. Before the fight, you can take the help of Henrietta - her sign of appeal is located right next to the stairs leading to the lamp. However, remember that with NPCs you lose 1 point of insight each time.