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Советы по прохождению Dragon Age: Inquisition - Побочные квесты: Холод

Unlock method: automatically, after you approach the door of the Solasan temple.

Kvestodatel: - (M8,7)

Cold chamber

As in the case of the quests “Captured Fire” and “Calm Spirit”, you will unlock it after entering the Solasan Temple (after completing the quest “Temple of Pride”). This quest is represented by the middle door of the temple (M8.7), and, as with the rest of the doors, you need to collect the shards to open them (for the first door, 6 of them are required). To open the door to the next room, you need 12 shards.

The boss in the cold chamber

Behind the last door you will find a mini-boss from this element. After you defeat him and open the sarcophagus, you finish the quest.

Improved stability

Requirements: -

Accessibility: after completing the main quest "In a quiet whisper" or "Champions of the fair."

Comment: The completion of this operation is rewarded with influence points.


Requirements: -

Availability: Purchase a mysterious casket from the merchant Deraboam in Val Royo.

Comment: Completion of this operation is rewarded with exotic mounts (Big Nuggalope, Thunderbolt joints, Gwaren Land-hammer, Combat Nug, Tiddles Majoris).

Shadow Hunt Dracolisk

Requirements: -

Availability: after delivery of the Dracolisk balance for examination

Comment: The completion of this operation is rewarded with a new monster (Dragonlisk Hunter).

Great Cleric Jonah

Requirements: -

Availability: Completion of the main quest "In Hushing Whispers".

Comment: The completion of this operation is rewarded with an Amulet of Strength.

In your heart will burn

Requirements: 1 Power Point

Accessibility: Completion of the main quest “In a silent whisper” or “Champions of justice”.

Comment: The operation associated with the plot. Provides access to Skyhold.


Unlock method: Complete the quests: Captured fire, Cold carried out, Calmed spirit - that is, open all three doors in the Solasan temple.

Kvestodatel: - (M8,8)

Log in to the last camera

To activate this quest, you need to open the other three doors of the elements in the Solasan Temple (M8.8). In other words, you also need to select all the fragments available in the game. Then you can open the middle door through the entrance. The room is not much different from the previous ones in the temple, but instead of three there is only this room.

Pride of the Demon in the last chamber

The floor is strewn with electric traps, and your main enemy here is a proud demon and several undead. In the center of the chamber, as in previous cases, there is a sarcophagus, the opening of which brings you points of electrical resistance.

Rewards for completing the quest:

Increases your electrical resistance by 20 points.
Experience (a lot)
600 influence points
2 power points Top services at escort of a foreigner on