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Secrets of making bouquets

Summer gives us not only the freshest fruits and vegetables, but also very beautiful flowers, striking with bright shades. It is in summer easier to present a catchy bouquet to a lady, because in winter the flowers are not so much picturesque, and the color palette is much poorer. A flower delivery service will help those who do not have the skills to compose a bouquet, but those who feel the gift of a florist can try to compose original compositions from flowers bought or even cut at their own cottage.
I must say that not everyone is given the skill to compose bouquets. In addition to the fact that the florist must be well versed in various types of flowers and determine the varieties, he must also have excellent taste, otherwise the composition will look clumsy. In addition, professional florists know special secrets that help to preserve the charm of floral arrangements longer. By the way, such nuances will help recipients of bouquets to slow down the fading of flowers.
Many probably heard that there are types of flowers that do not get along well in one vase. For example, daffodils cannot be planted with tulips, and roses will soon fade next to the lilies. The fact is that some flowers secrete poisonous juices, which destroy neighbors.
In those flowers that actively secrete milky juice, for example, bright peonies and dahlias, it is worth burning the ends of the stems in order to reduce the secretion of juice. If then they are put in cold water, then the flowers will remain fresh for a very long time.
If geranium grows in the house, then you need to mask a twig in the bouquet. Geranium promotes a peculiar conservation of plants, which also provides them with a long life.
When composing a bouquet, flowers of different degrees of maturity should be used, from buds to fully opened. Due to this, decorativeness will be provided to the composition for a long time.
By the way, making up a monophonic bouquet, it is not necessary to limit it to flowers of one kind. Of course, lush red chrysanthemums themselves look great, but if you try to choose different flowers of the same hue, for example, combine tulips, chrysanthemums, asters, you can get a very unusual and effective composition.
Well, in conclusion, a few words about the packaging. Most bouquets need packing only for transportation. Presenting a bouquet is usually accepted without packaging; in addition, even a very spectacularly packed bouquet in a vase looks strange. If you like live chat with beautiful girls, go to and choose the best video chat. Here you will find many free chat rooms for intimate communication with girls.