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Secrets and first steps in the game Stronghold online

Step 1. Resource Mining

For those who are not familiar with the game - it is better to read the review. For those who are familiar, he already knows that at Stronghold a powerful economy is the key to success. Therefore, the first thing we do at the very beginning is to build a sufficient number of sawmills and stonecutters workshops (6-8 pieces of each type of building):

We fully study the technologies of “Stone Mining” and “Forestry Industry”.

We study agricultural dairy, build cheese production and at the same time carry out the task.

Step No “as needed”

Actually, we support the production of food (food) and the number of houses in such a way that loyalty is positive and people fill your village. For example, peasants from my childhood have been sitting on a double-triple diet.

Also, if necessary, we improve the Engineering technology, which increases the capacity of your warehouses, barns, and hut taverns.
And one more moment about the tasks: in my opinion, their implementation is of little relevance for the development of the village. Therefore, it is better to deal with them later, when there will be extra resources and technology points.

Step 2. First Love First Castle

As I understand it, 2-3 days have passed since the moment you started the game, and now it's time to tackle your castle. But, for starters, a few more technologies studied:

We will need Level 2 Command, Construction of level 3 castles, Fortification of level 5-6 for access to small towers, and Defense of Level 4-5 to improve the protection of our archers.

Say a lot of towers? Really a lot for three reasons. The first reason is that enemy infantry units cannot attack towers. Only catapults. And before the assault with catapults - you still oh how long.

The second reason: the tower increases the range of archers. Moreover, the "thicker" the tower, the greater the bonus archer gets to range.

The third reason is the one because of which we studied the Defense technology: archers on towers receive a bonus to defense (but on walls they do not receive a bonus).

Step 3. Workman of the shooter

In general, the castle was laid and forgotten. It will be built in 50-60 hours, and at this time it is time to start producing weapons. All we need is a couple of technologies: Longbow from Military Affairs, Weapon Production and Production of onions from Industry. Have you studied? Then we build the skillful shooter.

At the very beginning, 1-2 buildings will be enough.

Step 4. Trading

Completely in between, we put a couple of research points into the merchants guild.

We build a market and hire traders in the “Unit Building Windows” menu, next to the troop recruitment in the upper right during the open tab of your village. By this time, you should have accumulated an order of stone (a castle has already been built), which would be nice to sell. Later, with the help of traders, you will get rid of all surpluses that do not fit in warehouses. Trading in the game is a profitable business

Step 5. Gates

As I understand it, you have already hired and placed 20 archers on towers. Not? Quickly post! But 20 archers are not the most reliable defense, therefore, you will have to build guards, each of which increases the garrison by 10 soldiers (of course, do not forget to improve the command so that these 10 soldiers can be hired). We place the gates right next to our castle, having previously built a “cocoon” for them from the walls.

Do not repeat the old man's mistakes: even simple marauders / bandits easily destroy unprotected gatehouses.
Step 6 and other steps. What's next?

And then we are building up industry and the production of weapons.

No wonder the technology was studied! We increase the garrison, upset the castle.

It will be very correct to study Hops, build a restaurant and surround it with breweries.

We carry out tasks, engage in diplomacy and slowly move towards the construction of village No. 2. The game Escape from Tarkov has one important feature: after your death in a RAID, you lose your equipment. To prevent the loss of important equipment in the game, there are special sites with eft roubles you can always get top equipment and kill all pepegas squad. The items you store from needmana will not disappear. There are three types of containers in total. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. These containers differ in their size. Usually, these containers should store the most important equipment-maps, ammunition, keys, and so on.