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Collecting. The evolution of collectibles from the USSR to the present day

In childhood, we all collect something. Many collected candy wrappers from sweets. It was very interesting to look at pictures on wrappers from sweets and chocolates, recognize the characters of various cartoons, read the names, feel the pleasant aromas emanating from these small scraps of rustling paper. Children cherish their collection, tremblingly keep it, change candy wrappers with each other.

You get older, and interests change: stamps, badges, cards, books. So many interesting things around. We had a teacher in our school, she introduced many children to collecting stamps. Of which only the most interesting specimens she did not have. And we were all very kind to this type of gathering. They kept “kleysters” with stamps on high shelves, away from curious younger brothers and sisters, often examined it. My stamp collection went to my little brother.

But most of all I was attracted by postcards. This hobby took me a very long time. Until now, somewhere in the pantry, there is a large box full of postcards. What is there not only! I remember you go into a bookstore and your eyes run up from the variety that you see on the tables. The theme of the cards was the most diverse: nature, flowers, animals, cacti, roses. Often there were sets of postcards on a particular topic. Such theme sets were especially appreciated.

Postcards received by mail from friends, relatives, and friends were greatly appreciated. And if the card was from abroad - it was a special chic.

Greeting cards came to every holiday. Among the variety of postcards, those containing congratulations are especially valuable. We received greeting cards only once a year. But it was they who were valued the most.

Now you can’t buy such cards in stores. Now a postcard is simply a commodity on which businessmen make money without thinking about the content and meaning of these little cards with various jokes and half-naked girls.
And what about people who continue to collect postcards? Who remember their very favorite pictures from childhood. Now on the Internet there are a huge number of sites where you can find postcards, but old postcards are very rare. And now, many people who are interested in collecting a collection of postcards want to chat online with other collectors.

Information about postcards is being uploaded to the network by many museums, not only Russian, but also foreign ones. 5 dollar minimum deposit casino