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How to get rid of self-doubt?

Internal barriers and restraint often prevent a person from achieving their goals. In addition, the lack of confidence does not affect family relations in the best way, therefore, failures and life failures begin to overtake a person. How to deal with this? It will be described later.
First of all, it is necessary to find the reasons for the loss or complete lack of confidence. Insecurity lays, most often in childhood, because the reasons for the complexes must be addressed precisely at this wonderful time. If a child, being at school or in the company of peers, suffers failure, in addition to everything, adults “add fuel to the fire, then most likely the situation will only get worse. In adulthood, a person will adhere to a pessimistic position and see only bad sides in everything that happens.
Such a person will never learn to notice positive aspects in his own character. Having lived to solid years, an insecure person will constantly show discontent with his own life and complain that time has already been lost. Such a person will always and whenever possible be envious of other, more successful people.
Therefore, parents should be alert from an early age child and teach the child to be more confident and steadfastly endure adversity. If the child in character shows timidity and shyness, this must be dealt with initially.
It is necessary to raise the child’s self-esteem, accustoming in this way to love for their own bodily and spiritual appearance.
As for the recommendations, from the very beginning it is necessary to work on gaining confidence not alone, but together with a loved one.
 Even better, if an experienced certified psychologist joins this process. If you decide to act without the help of a specialist, you need to learn the following principles: first, you need to stop false accusations of someone’s own timidity. It is necessary to learn once and for all that a person himself acts as a blacksmith of fate.
Secondly, it is necessary to erase from memory memories of past failures as soon as possible.
Thirdly, do not forget about the present, which man can fully change.
Fourthly, it is worth finally throwing out of your head the thoughts of a possible betrayal on someone’s side, be it colleagues or relatives. Also, you need to break the habit of looking back at your own reflection in order to condemn yourself mentally.
Article prepared by vari14 (Moiseeva Valeria Eduardovna)